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Pestco - May, 2017

Pestco - May, 2017

PestCo Exterminators has been protecting homes since 1979-- the best thing to come out of the 70s..... Full, Retreat and Repair-Unlimited Damage Termite Guarantees made possible by using the top products and treatment methods to stop termites from destroying your biggest investment.

Conventional Treatments with non-repellant products and effective Termite Baiting Systems allow PestCo to protect your home from the ground up!

For the month of May...Inspection, Termite Baiting System, Installation, One year of monitoring, AND a Full Guarantee......just $200. Crazy, we know.


Not happy with your current company? Want a better Guarantee? You HAVE options!

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I have been fortunate to make several friends, develop a referral network for my clients, and establish local business relationships that have led to large scale proposals that benefited by business immensely.

- Kyle Bochat
Edward Jones