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Suite Spot - Remodeled with a Work Focus

The New Design Goals

The Suite Spot, SHBA's former meeting space, has been remodeled. The remodel focused on increasing usable workspace for members, controlling noise pollution in the space & creating a variety of workspace for members to use.

Signal vs Noise

The Suite Spot added sound absorbing panels in the ceiling, build privacy panel walls with sound absorbing panels and added an active sound masking system. Now members can enjoy all the open spaces without being stuck with all the disruptive noise created by other members working. Meetings in the conference rooms no longer overwhelm the entire space. Other conversations now are just background. It's a massive improvement.


They not only added large privacy panels to reduce noise, they also did it in order to separate areas into different workspace. They added an area for dedicated workspace that members can enjoy having their own place to occupy every day. These "premium members" also get a locking file cabinet and a mailbox at the Suite Spot.

"Basic members" now enjoy better workspace with all-day comfort. All of the loungy furniture has been removed to make room for table-top workspaces with plenty of room to spread your work out on the table. But don't worry, they kept the plush chairs everyone loved, just in case you want to relax for a few while you catch up on email.

With plenty of spaces for a growing membership base, this will be the premier place to work for people on the go or those who typically work from home.

Memberships start as low as $50/month.  To learn more, visit the Suite Spot's website at



Joining the SHBA has helped me to bring awareness to my businesses within the community. I've also enjoyed the ability to network with other business owners, support local charities and schools, social media exposure, lending a hand to the community, and building friendships with like-minded professionals.

- Amy Wilson
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