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Featured: Georgia First Foundation

You might remember Francisco Martinez and Charbel Aoun from the last SHBA meeting.  They spoke about their new venture to help other young people.  If you missed it, here's a little bit about their story: 

Charbel Aoun
Charbel Aoun
Fransisco Martinez
Fransisco Martinez

Georgia First Generation Foundation

Francisco Martinez and Charbel Aoun are the co-founders of the Georgia First Generation Foundation. The Georgia First Generation Foundation is a non-profit organization striving to prepare first generation college students for the hurdles that lay ahead. The Georgia First Generation Foundation was founded by two current first generation Georgia State University students. They understand the frustrations and trials of being the first in their family to apply and go to college.

First generation students have no knowledge of college life and may be ill-equipped to handle college life. The biggest challenge that first generation college students face is applying for college and scholarships to fund their education. Many if not all of these students do not know how to apply or even more simply, which college to apply to. College is unlike high school, there is no set schedule to adhere to. There is a lot more freedom and self-discipline involved in college life.  GFGF aims to help them through this struggle.

How It Works

The Georgia First Generation Foundation uses the following resources to achieve their goal of helping first generation college students:

  • Academic plans structured to get students in the right direction
  • Fundraising Events and Socials
  • Scholarships
  • Workshops on various topics:
    • Academic Advising
    • Financial Coaching
    • Leadership Development   
    • Post-Graduate Development
    • Special Guests


How To Help

The Georgia First Foundation has started its first campaign to raise money and awareness. They have started selling shirts at the following site:

If you choose not to buy a shirt you can always help by spreading the word. First generation students could use a head start, but if they do not know about the Georgia First Generation, they will not receive the extra help they need.



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