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Two Men and a Truck - Lawrenceville/Suwanee

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It's 3pm- the kids haven't had a nap, so who's going to pack? Laundry to be done, forget it- the neighbors brought over water guns. Did the air conditioner stop? This Atlanta heat is too hot! Must go by the store for boxes, where are they taking my watches? Never mind, I'll do the dishes later. Someone is trampling my flowers. When does this sandwich meat expire? Just got caught in NERF crossfire. Finally called the Movers Who Care© for boxes & packing. Feels good to do a little relaxing!



The SHBA has been a tremendous resource for our local businesses. SHBA's rapid growth is a testament to the value it provides it's members and to the City of Sugar Hill.

- Dr. Scott Andrews
City of Sugar Hill, Economic Development