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I am a full-time Master Certified Health and Wellness Coach with Dr. William Sears, MD.  I am owner and coach of The Whole Food Health Coach.  I have two offices, one in Duluth and one now in Sugar Hill at The Suite Spot.  I teach health and prevention with real, whole food nutrition.  I teach L.E.A.N. Living: Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition.  Teach 2-hour Nutrition Essentials Classes, 4-hour Prime Time Health classes, and Healthy Kids Camps for local churches.  I coach individuals, small groups, corporations, and other health coaches in my industry.  I pair food with body systems for optimal function.  I write recipes, do pantry makeovers, and teach Family L.E.A.N. and Label Basics.   I want to help people die of OLD AGE again!  You are what you eat, so don't be cheap, easy, and fake!



I have been fortunate to make several friends, develop a referral network for my clients, and establish local business relationships that have led to large scale proposals that benefited by business immensely.

- Kyle Bochat
Edward Jones