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So why spend money on marketing? Because you have the budget for it? No way! The only reason to spend money on marketing is to make more money. Every day I meet with people who are throwing money away in buckets doing the same old things they've always done to promote themselves and their company...and it's not working. If you're throwing money away on marketing that doesn't work…stop! You owe it to yourself to give my easy, effective, and inexpensive ideas a try instead! Need a great way to follow-up with the leads and contacts you already have? NickPrint Messages is an incredibly powerful tool. Need professional-looking literature to promote your business? Want to kick off a direct mail campaign to tell the world who you are and what you do? Our Marketing Tools give you a way to print full-color brochures or postcards for about 10 cents each! And that's just the beginning. Contact me to help you find effective ways to use every sort of printed medium to find new customers!



I have been fortunate to make several friends, develop a referral network for my clients, and establish local business relationships that have led to large scale proposals that benefited by business immensely.

- Kyle Bochat
Edward Jones