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At we pride ourselves in developing creative technical solutions & strategies for your business needs. Comprised LLC was founded in 2003 and has been developing and maintaining web based technology systems for retail, Internet, VOIP and Non Profit Organizations. Comprised LLC has the experience to create software and optimize hardware setups. The team has experience developing solutions for large enterprises and governments such as with the State of Florida, where we developed web based and VoIP systems to streamline the process of evaluating and approving the need for specialty license plates, our services transformed a process that once took many employees weeks and often months of surveying 30K-60K people in person to a totally automated system that only took days to complete the same work. Let us find a solution for you today.



I have been fortunate to make several friends, develop a referral network for my clients, and establish local business relationships that have led to large scale proposals that benefited by business immensely.

- Kyle Bochat
Edward Jones